Simply Obstetrics™ is a point of care clinical reference created by Dr. Daniel Finnigan and Dr. Paul Jones. Dr. Finnigan undertook enhanced skills training in Family Medicine – Obstetrics. During the course of this training Dr. Finnigan developed a personal website of over 400 pages of Obstetrical notes, which was refined into the Simply Obstetrics app. Special thanks to our very talented app developer Martin Coulombe of Osedea for helping us make this project a reality.

Dan and Paul met during Family Medicine residency and co-founded Stamp Forge, Inc a health information technology company along their friend Anton Markov. Our current business grew out of a desire to create solutions for busy clinicians.

Currently Dan and Paul maintain a website for Family Doctors called Family Medicine Reference ( which gets over 5000 page views per month.

We also created Simply Charting™ ( a website that provides a platform to find, create and share clinical templates to improve efficiency and patient care. Our current library of templates contains over 300 clinical templates used daily by busy physicians.

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